Sbriga…..The Final Touches

Mr Wilson has finished.  He’s now enjoying the warm sun somewhere in far north Queensland, leaving his brother to finesse the job.  It’s finally coming together and reality is slowly sinking in.  It’s… Continue reading

Layers of Love, Life and Learning

  We’ve just launched our Pinterest site and one of our first re-pins was our logo! We were thrilled. Until it got to this point, there were a huge amount of reiterations and variations before… Continue reading

Choke Globe Clones

Mario decided that Sbriga needed soft lighting, possibly with the aid of old-fashioned retro globes.  With years of product design behind him, he thought the best thing to do was to make them… Continue reading

Food and Nostalgia

I baked a cake tonight.  It’s dessert for tomorrow’s lunch at Nonna’s – she’s having us over to welcome home the number one son.  It’s Teresa Cutter’s Lemon and Yoghurt cupcakes recipe but rather… Continue reading

Seeing it for Real

The number one son arrived home tonight.  The husband went and picked him up and they detoured via the city to Sbriga. After weeks of witnessing it all via photo images and Skype, he… Continue reading

People & Spaces

It’s been a big week.  What was once an empty space is taking on a personality of its own.  The four walls of what will be Sbriga are gathering momentum with amazing colours,… Continue reading

It started with a Midlife Crisis

If the sports car was bought 15 years ago, what else is there left to do when one suddenly hits 40 something and is no longer happy with the status quo?  He kicks… Continue reading

How Sbriga saved my life

The family joke is that I always fall asleep the minute we take off on a long drive.  Whilst we were in Italy, we hired a car and as navigator, I was strictly… Continue reading

Green Fields and Vanilla Skies

This is it–bare bones, ready to be cleared out even by the little people. It didn’t take long to do and within a couple of hours, it was empty–ready to start a new… Continue reading

From the Kitchen

Not a weekend has gone by where the kitchen workbenches have not been lavishingly covered with ground semolina farina (flour). Pizza Lingue is now officially daily lunch for young and old and will… Continue reading