How Sbriga saved my life

The family joke is that I always fall asleep the minute we take off on a long drive.  Whilst we were in Italy, we hired a car and as navigator, I was strictly forbidden to even think of taking a nap.  I had no idea how I was going to stay awake during those long drives from one gorgeous Italian coast to the other but somehow I managed to do so.  One thing that saved not only me but the all important driver as well was Autogrill. For those who have travelled along the endless Italian highways at any time of the day or night, I have no doubt you would recall your own unique memory of Autogrill, whether it was with a big bus tour group or in the (at time, gorgeous) tiny Fiat500 you hired back at Rome airport.  Remember throwing back the espresso along with a panini toasted in one of those gigantic Electrolux toasters, at the same time, picking up a fine bottle of wine some good Parmigianna, fresh bread, ligurian olives, a novel and even a souvenir for the folks back home? Oh and of course, filling up the tank with petrol? Not a meatpie or Big M anywhere in site here!

Where else can you have a great meal and coffee, marvel at the amazing produce and be recharged ready for the next leg of your journey.

Once the caffeine exploded in your system, you were ready to take on the next leg of your journey.  Not only that, you were so blown away by the Autogrill you have just visited you couldn’t wait to drive to the next one to check out its offerings.

This one, like many others throughout Italy, stretches from one side of the highway to the other.

Why has Autogrill given us so much inspiration? We want to share that sense of being ‘re-charged’, after a good fast meal and a great coffee, with Melbourne. Sbriga will be just that. You can knock back your espresso – Italian style – or savour it for a little while longer; we won’t rush you. Meals won’t be on the run but you’ll still find yourself having a meal like the Romans. Food will be eaten the Sbriga way – standing room only.

Harry’s Bar, San Marco, Venice.
Coffee on the go is the Sbriga vision.

We also want to be true to our beloved Melbourne so Sbriga will represent our own take on the bar Italiano.  The interior design is the man’s passion which I will share with you on another day.