Layers of Love, Life and Learning


Sbriga & Green Choke - small

We’ve just launched our Pinterest site and one of our first re-pins was our logo! We were thrilled.

Until it got to this point, there were a huge amount of reiterations and variations before our ‘choke got the big tick.



The artichoke is important to us.  It’s the food my husband grew up with.  Nonna cooked it a thousand different ways and when it was in season, it was preserved so it was always on the table, even during winter.  Back then, you had to make a special trip to Victoria Market to pick up a bunch or two.  These days, even the local supermarket sells the preserved variety in a myriad of different ways.

Blog - green artichoke

My husband introduced me to Cynar – an artichoke based bitter made up of an infusion of 13 herbs and plants.  It’s a digestive which means it is thought to aid digestion.  Certainly helps at the end of a big meal at Nonna’s.  It’s also delicious, particularly serviced over ice at any time of the year.
Blog - cynar

Artichokes are a beautiful looking vegetable.  The colours can range from a spring fresh green to deep lavenders and buttery creams.  Physically, you peel away the layers till you get to the very centre of the edible parts.

Artichokes in black

Sbriga is a little bit like the layers of an artichoke. Sbriga is an inspiration of family and loved ones.  It also represents both our Dads who are no longer around and if they were, they too would have gotten their hands dirty and definitely offered their advice in creating Sbriga.  It is the result of brothers and sisters contributing their design talents and cousins looking after the legal and financial affairs.  It is a culmination of really good people we have met throughout our careers who have provided their professional advice and innovation to make this happen.  Sbriga makes up many layers of commitment, inspiration and dedication.

Pintrest - artichoke cut in half

Back to our own choke.  Many of our family members offered their own advice on our brand, including the kids.


Each variation was then placed next to, on top of and underneath the word ‘Sbriga’ to see what looked best.  Emails flew backwards and forwards many, many times between family members, each one was a reiteration of last version.  Finally, hands were thrown up in the air and the ‘best’ version was given to the graphic designer little brother who was told to simply “Fix it!”


Fix it he did but not without a few final tweaks from the husband.  Who would have thought something so simple looking would be so arduous to create!

We love our choke so much, that the husband created beautiful globes out of it and we’ve already had friends wanting to buy their own little clones…..we promised we’ll look into it for them.